KBR Careers and Jobs Vacancies 2022 – 2023

KBR’s is built on the pioneers that set the standard across a variety of industries. Today, we continue that legacy by developing groundbreaking solutions for government and industry clients.

KBR employees are pushing industries and organisations forward, from our headquarters in Houston, Texas, to Earth’s orbit and beyond.

Our innate curiosity about our surrounding world creates a work environment where all are encouraged to follow their inspiration, try new directions and work collaboratively whenever possible.

KBR is always growing and evolving. As global demands change and markets transform, we’ll be at the forefront, leading the way with innovative solutions and services that will solve tomorrow’s challenges and define progress for years to come.

KBR is proud to work with its customers across the globe to provide technology, value-added services, and long-term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results.

KBR Careers and Job Vacancies Phone / Email / Website:

Customer Tel phone : (713) 753-5082

Email : investors@kbr.com

Careers Section : http://www.kbr.com


KBR Careers and Job Vacancies Head Office

Vice President, Investor Relations

601 Jefferson Street

Houston, TX 77002

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